Moebius, the pseudonym used by artist Jean Giraud, is one of the most important comics artists of this time - and not just for his immense output. He is the creator of the best-selling, groundbreaking, western series 'Blueberry' and many other series.But he is most admired for his science-fiction works, such as the wordless comix fantasy 'Arzach', the 'Incal' series (scripted by Alejandro Jodorowsky) and 'Major Fatale'. Moebius is one of the founders of "Métal Hurlant", the immensely influential french comics magazine of the 1970's. It was in Métal Hurlant, for example, where Moebius first serialized "Arzach". Moebius has been called the master of science-fiction ever since, and that is probably why he was asked to assist in the making of various famous science-fiction movies, like "Dune" and "Alien".His major work in the genre is with no doubt the groundbreaking "Incal" saga with Alexander Jodorowski.All the while, new prints, silkscreens and portfolios keep popping up, regularly displaying Moebius' visionary art in a more luxurious format. For to sell - and you to collect.