Carl Barks - Signed prelim lithographs

In 1989 Carl Barks signed and numbered "A Lithographic Suite of Preliminary Paintings Portfolio" from Another Rainbow. 2 different sets were produced, each in 500 numbered copies.Each portfolio holds a collection of ten pre-painting oil and watercolor prints by Carl Barks, which were created between 1983-88. Printed in the traditional four color lithographic screened process, on 80 pound cover Karma White paper, this archival quality product has exceptional ink holdout, is acid free to resist aging, and has alkaline buffering to counteract the effects of acids. The prints range from 10" x 12.5" to 14" x 17" and are each signed by Barks. Limited to 500 copies.Gallery is selling these prints individually, making them available for alle collectors at a reasonable price. This way you are able to obtain your favorite motive without having to buy the whole lot and spend a fortune.