Erik Bille Christiansen - Limited edition prints

Erik Bille Christiansen has explored many themes since his first work appeared in the early 1980’s. He has been inspired by natural disasters and tragedies and various religious themes. After a period of illness he decided to lay this to rest and near the end of 2010 he began painting Donald Duck and the rest of the inhabitants of Duckberg. They become a part of his artistic world of colours, motion and characteristic expressive brushstrokes. Since then he has worked exclusively with this new theme. At first, he studied the characters and their trade marks, painted them in anonymous settings and with neutral backgrounds. But as he explores the possibilities of the new theme, he goes on to incorporate the characters into great paintings from former masters. He introduces an art historical context and allows Donald Duck to explore and travel through great paintings of the past. This is an adventure for Erik Bille Christiansen as well as for Donald Duck and pays an homage to the great painters Erik Bille Christiansen has learned from and admired through out his own career.Ultimately, what is portrayed in these paintings is the human mind and its moods. There are numerous ways for the human being to feel and act in different situations, and the human being has always been and remains to be the centre of Erik Bille Christiansens art. It has been portrayed using various methods and themes during his long career. For how long he will continue to depict his present universe, is only for him to know. But rest assured, there are many aspects of the famous ducks yet to face and even more historical references for the artist to explore. According to himself, he has reached a point in his life and career, where he feels liberated and free to act as he pleases. With age and success comes positive arrogance and confidence – and the courage to think and paint exactly what comes to mind, creates substance and produces artistic freedom and personal development.All limited edition art prints are printed on 310 grams Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag, acid free, museum quality paper, fit to last for at least 228 years behind normal glass.