Murry, Paul

Paul Murry (1911-1989) was the perhaps best Mickey Mouse artist ever.Already from the beginning in 1940, WDC published an installment of Mickey Mouse in every issue. During the forties, these were only reprints of Floyd Gottfredson's daily adventures, but around 1950, new serials were produced especially for the magazine. A number of different artists were tested before Murry's first serial was published in WDC 152, in May 1953. This tale, "The Last Resort" is a milestone in the history of Mickey Mouse. Not only was it Murry's first serial comic - it was also written by veteran Carl Fallberg.During the golden years, up until 1962, it was Murry and Fallberg who stood for almost all of those serials in WDC, which etched themselves into the minds of millions of readers. During his career Murry never wrote a story of his own, making it difficult to overemphasize Fallberg's contributions.Murry was a master at drawing Goofy. He had the ability of twisting and turning Goofy's arms and legs so that they always pointed in exactly the right direction. It was also Murry who early on introduced Goofy's characteristic way of holding his hand in front of his mouth.Paul Murry died in 1989. A true master of comic book art.