Snejbjerg - Light Brigade

Tomasi & Snejbjerg & Hansen: "Light Brigade", 4 issue mini-series, DC 2004.Tradepaperback, DC 2006.There's a war in heaven and Earth is the battleground in this original supernatural action adventure/horror story set during World War II. This epic tale revolves around a ragtag squad of U.S. soldiers that must recover the mysterious Sword of God, a heavenly artifact coveted by angels and demons, before the descendants of fallen angels disguised as Nazis. If they aren't successful, the world will be destroyed. It's a good thing they've got a mysterious, immortal Roman Centurion fighting on their side to even the odds. Wizard magazine"Good vs. Evil takes on a whole new meaning in the DC prestige series Light Brigade. Written by Peter Tomasi, Light Brigade is a fascinating story that hooks you right from the first page, with an air of mystery surrounding what you know is going to be an epic struggle. With highly dramatic art by Peter Snejbjerg, Light Brigade is definitely a must-read book. "