Sale, Tim

Tim Sale was born in Ithica (New York) on 1st. of May 1956. He is one of the most important artists in the revival of the american superhero the last 10-15 years.He currently lives in Seattle with his two dogs, Hotspur and Shelby. Sale started his penciling career with Thieves' World #1 in 1985, but his first pro work was in Warp Graphics' Myth Adventures as an inker. He's done stints on DC's Challengers of the Unknown, Wildstorm's Deathblow and Matt Wagner's Grendel for Comico. Sale is probably best known for his collaborations with writer Jeph Loeb on the three highly acclaimed Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Specials: Choices (1993), Ghosts (1994) and Madness (1995). These specials were so succesfull that they led to the thirteen-issue Batman: The Long Halloween maxi-series (1996/1997), which led to the thirteen-issue Batman: Dark Victory maxi-series (1999/2000). In 1998 Sale did the four-issue Superman: For All Seasons mini-series with writer Jeph Loeb. In 2001 they collaborated on the six-issue Daredevil: Yellow mini-series, which was the first of the "color" mini-series they did for Marvel. The others are: Spider-Man: Blue (2002) and Hulk: Gray (2003) He's currently penciling Catwoman: When in Rome for DC Comics, again with his favorite collaborator, Jeph Loeb. thinks highly of Tim Sale. We appreciate his style and his ability to give new life to old Marvel and DC characters. It is a pleasure to be able to present some of his best work in this gallery.