Wilson, Colin

Colin Wilson was born in 1949 in Christchurch, New Zealand. His placement in the gallery for European comic artists is simply because we don't have a separate category for people from New Zealand or Australia. And because Wilson is mostly known for his European Blueberry comic, he gets a place here! In 1980 Colin Wilson moved from New Zealand to London, where he got a steady job for the science fiction comic "2000 AD", where he contributed to series like "Judge Dredd" and "Rogue Trooper". People took notice of this unique talent across the English Channel. In 1982 the French publisher Glénat put out the first volume of the science fiction series "Rael" in the magazine "Circus" - with art by Wilson. The writer Jean-Michel Charlier was so impressed by Wilson's talent that he offered him the job of continuing the series "La Jeunesse de Blueberry" after Jean Giraud. With a deft hand Wilson drew three scripts by Charlier, who suddenly died in 1989. After three more albums scripted by Francois Corteggiani, Wilson left the series after disagreements with Charlier's son Philippe Charlier. Also scripted by Corteggiani were two stories in the pilot series "Thunderhawks", which Wilson drew together with Michael Suro, who has taken over the series since. Lately Wilson has drawn the classic Italian comic "Tex Willer" and revived the classic pilot series "Battler Britton". Colin Wilson's comics are colored by his wife Janet Gale. Comicart.dk has secured a hot line to this sympathetic, diligent, and clever New Zealander, who resides in Australia today. If you are looking for anything special by him, send us an inquiry - then we'll get on the line to Colin Wilson.