DeZuniga, Tony

Tony deZuniga finished Commercial Arts at the University of St. Thomas, in the Philippines. From there, he enrolled in the School of Design for Advance Graphic Design in New York.Tony worked for DC and Marvel Comics for 18 years where he drew Conan, X-Men, Spider-Man and other action hero figures. Tony created and designed the look of Jonah Hex and Black Orchid for DC Comics in the 70's.After 10 years as a conceptual designer, he retired from SEGA of America/SEGA of Japan. He also did freelance work for Scholastic Publications, TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) and McGraw Hill Publications. Tony is a Winner of the Sega Presidents Award for Excellence for is proud to be able to present a large number of great pages by this great artist. Jonah Hex is a favorite of ours, and we've got some absolutely amazing stuff coming - including pages from a "Kull Conqueror" story, he did for Marvel in 1989! On top of that, Tony has done some new Jonah Hex "pin-ups" for us! In our mind, Tony is one of the best and perhaps most underrated comic book artists ever - get his art, while you can still afford it.