Jessen, Nis

Illustrator and painter Nis Jessen was born in Denmark in 1935. Currently living on Danish island Bornholm where he has his studio, Jessen is still active and creative. Nis Jessen comes from an old family of artists and writers. He is married to Philippine artist Flerida, and they have a daughter and two grandchildren. The artist opened his studio and gallery on Bornholm in 1974. This makes him the owner of the oldest gallery on an island known for its talented painters.In his 60's Nis Jessen decided to fulfill the dream of his lifetime. As a fan of author Arthur Conan Doyle Jessen wanted to do a fully illustrated version of Doyle's masterpiece "A Study in Scarlet". He spent 9 years of his life to finish the work for the book, which can be discriped as a combination of classical illustration art and comic art - like a graphic novel.The new edition of "A Study in Scarlet" was finally published in 2005 by Hakon Holm Publishing. It is in English and a great collector's item, that comes in several versions. The beautiful hardcover book is fully illustrated by Nis Jessen. The more than 600 striking illustrations bring new life to the original text from Beeton's Christmas Annual.This beautiful volume (in oversize: 25 x 35 cm - 10" x 14") consisting of 160 pages of text and illustrations printed on quality paper and bound in fullcolor laminated hardcover, and with dust cover.The novel takes place in London, 1881, and in the Mormon state of Utah from 1847 to 1860. Nis Jessen therefore studied both Victorian England and the history of Mormon settlers in the New World. His intention was to create a complete, realistically illustrated work based on facts from the Victorian period - the original buildings, places etc. - and with plenty of original atmosphere. Museums and libra­ries all over the world, The Metropolitan Police Museum in London, Utah State Historical Society as well as Mormons living in Denmark have all contributed to this project. It took eight years to create the comprehensive artwork with 150 pages, around 1100 persons, many buildings, contemporary means of transportation, and about 80 horses. When Nis Jessen realized after working for several years on the project that the early work did not reach the same standard as the later work, he redid the pages from the beginning untill he was satisfied that all pages were in harmony. Real Sherlockians and Holmesians will find very interesting details in the illustrations, and Nis Jessen also pays tribute to several of his favourite artists for true conneossieurs to find.Please read this - one of many recommendations from a Sherlock Holmes collector: "In my 19 or so years of collecting Sherlockiana I don't think I've ever encountered a more beautiful Sherlockian book! I don't make statements like that easily, but this book is simply, and without overstating the case, drop-dead gorgeous. Jessen has managed something like 600 illustrations in a sort of sepia wash that appear on every single page of STUD and the publisher, Hakon Holm, has put it all together into the most incredible package.The samples and descriptions on the publisher's site do not do this lovely book justice. While I have numerous beautifully designed slip-cased limited edition small press publications in other fields of interest. I've never seen anything quite as grand as this in the Sherlockian world. If you've been sitting on the fence about this, waiting for a recommendation, now you've got it.Unbelievable piece of work that is worth every penny! About time someone brought quality of this calibre to a Sherlockian publication. Gets my very highest recommendation on all counts. I love the book already and it even smells great!! I would suggest that this book be part of anyone's Sherlockian library." Charles Prepolec THE SHERLOCK HOLMES SOCIETY OF CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA THE SINGULAR SOCIETY OF THE BAKER STREET DOZENThe original art pages/planches are HUGE - ready to frame and keep on the proudly presents Jessen's perhaps greatest work - the pages from "A Study in Scarlet". Collectors from all over the world has sought these pages for years - wanting to buy them. But this is the first time that a small selection of the the pages are being sold. First come, first served. As an extra attraction we are also able to sell a numbe of copies of the rare Special Deluxe Edition signed hardcover version of "A Study in Scarlet".