Jeffrey (Jeff) Jones

Jeffrey Jones (born in Atlanta, Georgia in January 1944) is one of the greatest artists who ever graced the comic world with his presence and contributions. At the end of the day he'll probably be recognized and remembered as one of the greatest painters of his generation.Jeff Jones moved to New York in 1967 and found some creative work in the new black & white comic magazines Creepy and Eerie, Gold Key and some science-fiction digests. Jeff Jones is often compared with Frank Frazetta, but he certainly has his own style and unique talent. His style changes constantly - from adventure book covers to romantic adventure, gothic romance, sexy black comedies and more. In 1972 Jeff Jones began his most personal comic story 'Idyl', which ran in every issue of the National Lampoon until August 1975. 'Idyl' is a romantic, poetic collection of words, which sometimes confuses the reader who has already fallen for his delicious pen work. In 1975, Jones founded the Studio together with Berni Wrightson, Barry Windsor-Smith and Michael Kaluta. There they produced posters, portfolios and illustrations for different publishers.In 1979, Dragon Dreams published the book, 'The Studio', which was devoted to the group's work. Jones' own work was reproduced in 'Yesterday's Lily' (Dragon Dreams 1980), which collects a number of his book covers, and 'Age of Innocence' (Underwood Books 1994) with his more romantic works. Unfortunately Jeffrey Jones - like many artists - has suffered with personal problems and a recent crisis that nearly stopped his career as a painter. After a sex change operation, Jeffrey Jones is now a woman - and recently started oainting again. To the joy of his many fans all over the simply loves the work of Jeffrey Jones - before and now. We hope to be able to present a lot of new work by this great artist, and we agree with Frank Frazetta, who gets the last word, stating that Jeffrey Jones "Is the greatest living painter".