Kordey, Igor

Igor Kordey is a Croatian-born comic book illustrator, working for international publishers. Kordey is best known for his contribution to New X-Men, but he has a very diverse repertoire, moving between traditional pencils and inks to fully painted panels.Igor was born in Zagreb, Croatia 1957. After co-founding the influential New Square group of comics artists in former Yugoslavia, and creating I.N.C.I.D.E.N.T. studio in Croatia, Igor was four times voted best comic artist in his homeland and for several years led courses for comic art and illustration. Moving to France, and later Denmark, Igor's work became known across Europe in projects for Les Humanoides Associes and Dargaud, and finally in the USA when The Wall was published in Heavy Metal Magazine in 1989.Igor eventually relocated to Canada and began to be widely published in North America, producing work for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse and also serving as creative director for Digital Chameleon, a Winnipeg based company.Igor's passion for the Lord of the Jungle has been grandly displayed in several Dark Horse projects, including A Tale of Mugambi, Tarzan/Carson of Venus and The Rivers of Blood. After Dark Horse experience he switched on Star Trek: Gorn Crisis for DC/Wildstorm and Diosamante (with Jodorowski) for Les Humanoides Associes. His recent projects are New X-Men, Black Widow, Cable and Soldier X for Marvel.Because of his speed as an artist, at his peak, he was producing artwork for three monthly books at the same time. Kordey has worked on numerous titles and is a master of the comic book art.