Van Horn, Noel

Noel Van Horn (born July 6, 1968 in San Francisco) is not just the son of the famous Disney artist William Van Horn. He has also inherited his artistic talent from his father - ande is one of the absolute top contemporary Mickey mouse artists with a style that is personal, elegant, and very dynamic. When Noel was a little boy, his father worked as a stunt movie artist, and Noel met many interesting people from the studio. It was soon clear that Noel wanted to be an artist - like his father and all the others. Noel's mother is from Canada, and in 1980 the family moved to Vancouver. After high school Noel studied at "Emily Carr College", where he finished with a degree in animation. In 1992 Noel went to San Diego, where he met Bob Foster and Byron Erickson from Egmont. The editors at Egmont were at that time looking for new Mickey Mouse artists. Noel said yes, and after a long internship he started officially at Egmont in 1993. In the beginning he was drawing other people's scripts, but it wasn't long before he was writing his own stories. Noel Van Horn is still freelancing for Egmont - and living with his wife Jacqueline in Vancouver, Canada. is fond of his style - and happy to be able to add him to our roster of Disney gallery artists.