Druillet, Philippe

Philippe Druillet was born in Toulouse, France, June 28, 1944. He is a one-of-a-kind artist, talented and unique. A multitalent, doing comics, art, design, architecture and much more.Druillet started out in 1960 as a photographer, but abandonned the field for graphics 5 years later. His first comic strip, "Le Mystère des Abîmes", appeared in 1966. From 1967-69 Druillet created a variety of illustrations for the science fiction magazines "Fiction" and "Galaxie",also producing movie posters. During the same period he worked in the theater, collaborating with scriptwriter Ariane Mnouchkine. In 1969 Druillet began contributing to the French comics magazine Pilote, creating his best-known character, Lone Sloane. In 1972 these stories were published as the collection "Lone Sloane, Les Six Voyages" by Dargaud. Druillet went on to create the characters Delirius, Yragaël, and Urm le Fou for the ground-breaking French comics monthly "Metal Hurlant".A great fan of the work of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Druillet created covers for republications of Lovecraft's work, as well as numerous movie posters. He has created bronze sculpture and worked in animation, producing the film, "Le Clone" in 1982.He has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prix de la ville in the 15th Angoulême International Salon of the Bande Dessinee and the Grand Prix National des Arts Graphiques for 1996.