Artpusher - Manga Art

Danish fine artist Artpusher alias Søren Vilhelm was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1965. He is known for his erotic hentai paintings, inspired by japanese manga, as well as for his huge cityscapes, painted in oil on huge canvases.Living and working in Denmark, Germany, England, US, China & Thailand as a businessman in the fashion industry, until he in 2003 decided to make a radical change in his life.Since 2003 he has been working as a professional artist from various studios in New York, Copenhagen and the Far East.Solo exhibits in Europe, Far East and US.Today the artworks of Artpusher is covering the walls of artloving VIP`s, artcollectors and major international corporations. P. Diddy, Microsoft, IBM & Digital are some of his clients.Artpusher was in 2011 recognized by The Workers Museum and The Danish Design Museum, who included 11 artworks into their permanent collections. His projects include The Dollar Tree 2010, The Love Party 2011, The Virgin Tree 2012 and a collaboration with The Danish Red Cross " Welcome to Denmark "Gallery is proud to present this unique Danish artist!