Helweg, Lars

Danish artist Lars Helweg was born in Stockholm 23-01-1944. He is a unique painter and an acclaimed artist. In 2012 he has received new attention because of his famous painting "Damen med flaskerne" (Lady with bottles). This painting has been used as the cover illustration for Danish pop artist Lukas Graham's debut album.Lars Helweg finished the Royal akademi of fine arts in Copenhagen 1971 as an architect. Worked as an architect for some 10 years dooing coastplanning for Jugoslavia in United Nation regi ,hospital in Herlev (Jørgen Selscau) ,housing towns ,Villas ,plastic design (Erik Herløw) and still do small things like unika design and pavillions for plesure and such what can be done alone.Stopped the architect bussines 1976 - oilcrises - no work at all.Concentrated only on the painting and went 5 years at his own scool with him as the only pupil. Was asked to be the scenografer for "Solvognens" "Det Hvide Slot" and next "Chartertour Amora" and have since worked parallel with the painting as a scenografer making the scenografic exibition "Fra Dør til Dør",the musical "Kielgasten" (Privatteateret) ,"Frk. Marguerite" (Avenue) ,"De Himmelske Blå" (Statens Teaterskole) ,"Bibelen" and "Telefonbogen" with Peter Larsen and Anne Marie Helger and some more.Got edukation Danmarks Radio 1981 as scenografer for television and have in their regi been dooing "Herre og skygge" (H.C.Andersen) ,"Tamilsagen" and some other projects.Plakater for bla. a. Zirkus Nemo - Søren Østergaard og Nils Vest Film.Have as påinter had exibitions at Charlottenborg ,Den Frie ,varius firms ,a few galleries and own exibitions sometimes with auktions. Sell mostly from the atelier.Gallery Comicart.dk is now producing a series of high quality prints based on the works by Lars Helweg.