Bjarne Hansen - Superman for All Seasons color art

Superman for All Seasons was a 4-issue comic book limited series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale, and was originally published by DC Comics in 1998. This was made hot off the heels from their previous success, Batman: The Long Halloween, and as that Batman-story dealt with holidays as the theme, this story's theme dealt with seasons. Superman For All Seasons was highly praised by fans and critics. Readers found that it was the themes and messages from the writing and art that really hit it home. One of its examples was its great metaphor for the coming-of-age, the end of childhood and the acceptance of your place in the world.People also found how Jeph Loeb took the best elements from Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie onto the modern Superman mythos (this was before DC's One Year Later Superman stories that would contain all the elements from the Richard Donner/Bryan Singer Superman films such as Up, Up & Away! and Last Son) was done in a very good way. Bjarne Hansen's original color art brings back happy memories from a time before computer coloring. The pages are extremely beautiful, clean and nice - with the inked lines printed on Mylar overlays.