Housewives at Play 16 - "What a Woman wants"

"What a Woman Wants" Housewives at Play Collection.There’s no more experienced guide through the world of woman-on-woman desire than the prolific artist who calls herself Rebecca, and this newest collection of her sumptuous, superrealistic pin-up art is her hottest, most intensely erotic volume yet! This searing salvo of Sapphic suburban seduction features Rebecca’s lovely, lusty, lushly drawn ladies in the grip of forbidden passion and untold pleasure. See their private moments unfold amidst their immaculate surroundings: on the bed… in the tub… on the kitchen counter… in the nursery… in the car… in the fitting room… even at church! Together or by themselves, these mature, experienced women know what it takes to fulfill their most profound urges – much to the surprise of their husbands! They’re only too happy to lend each other a hand… or a tongue… or a fist! Let Rebecca provide your window into a world where women know best, as only she can.