Housewives at Play 15 - "Alone with Me"

"Alone With Me" Housewives at Play Collection.Sometimes a busy, mature housewife just needs a little alone time, y'know? Some time to get in touch with herself... to recharge her batteries. Which sometimes means draining a few batteries. And a little baby oil. Or the garden hose. There might be a spatula involved. Possibly a banana. From the kitchen to the laundry room, in the backyard and in the bedroom, and even at the store, these intimate personal moments are captured in loving detail in this gallery of sensuously shaded pencil drawings by Rebecca, who obviously knows a thing or two (or seven hundred) about XXX-rated suburban sexuality. So let that pot simmer on the stove ... let the bills pile up... and take a private peek behind closed doors at Rebecca's lovely, insatiable MILFs as they steal away to lather up in the shower, peruse their secret stashes of girlie mags, peel off their panties in the pantry, and give themselves a hand with the housework. We won't tell.