Housewives at Play 03 - "Housewives still at Play"

"Still More" Housewives At Play Pinup Collection. Rebecca's third collection of filthy, slickly-drawn pin-ups. Rebecca's housewives are back at it again. Doing all of the nasty things they are not supposed to be doing while hubby is away at work. Not only are the housewives satisfying their earthly yearning in searingly hot sex scenes their husbands can't provide them with, but the husbands are getting involved too, renting out their housewives for anybody to use. This collection of highly-refined pencil drawings will transport you, the reader, to a suburb community like you have never witnessed before, but you'll wish you could could live in a suburb like this. Rebecca's housewives hold back no restaints to gratify their every desire, strap-ons, vibrators, whips, and bonds are everyday occurrences in this neighborhood. One trip through the pages of this book will make you want to say, "Howdy neighbor! Is your husband home?"