Deodato, Mike

Mike Deodato (born May 23, 1963 in Brazil) often signs his work as Mike Deodato Jr. He is one of only a select few Brazilian artists who has managed to break through internationally - with his work for American comics publishers, DC Comics in particular. Mike Deodato is a pseudonym, for in reality this artist is called Deodato Taumaturgo Borges Filho. In fact he still lives in João Pessoa, Brazil, from where he keeps the American readers of comics in plenty supply with his beautiful comics pages. Among his first assignments one finds an almost photo-realistic comic adaptation of the TV series "Beauty and the Beast" from 1993, put out by Innovation Publishing. But Mike Deodato really made his name in the US with his artwork for the "Wonder Woman" comic. Later he worked as penciller on "The Mighty Thor", where he collaborated with the writer Warren Ellis, and later again he drew the comic "Glory" for Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios at Image Comics and Maximum Press. Especially in the 1990's one would find that Mike Deodato's style borrowed heavily from Jim Lee's linework, but he has adjusted his style since then, so that it is both more realistic and simple today. Other titles that have been graced with his professional work are "The Incredible Hulk" with a script by Bruce Jones, "Witches", and in particular "Amazing Spider-Man" and "The New Avengers", that have secured his reputation as one of the finest superhero artists working today. Deodato has also drawn "Squadron Supreme" and the Marvel publication "Thunderbolts", again with Warren Ellis scripting. Here at we also like to present some of the industry's superior craftsmen - and we welcome Mike Deodato, who is our sole Brazilian artist as of yet. We start off with some totally fabulous pages that Deodato created for the comic book series of "Elektra" - with Daredevil as guest star, no less.