Quist Møller, Fl.

The multi-talented Danish artist Flemming Oluf Quist Møller was born in the Copenhagen suburb of Taarbæk in 1942 and he originally wanted to be a theater painter or jazz musician. Instead he became a much loved animator, children's book author and illustrator, musician, and the man behind many of the best Danish animated films of the last few generations. Flemming Quist Møller was a trainee at Bent Barfod Film from 1960-1961. For a while there from 1961 onward he was an editorial cartoonist for the daily paper Information, and was art director for theater and television, before he chose to make a career for himself in animation, TV, film, and music. When he met the colleague Jannik Hastrup, the two of them began to produce animated films. In the mid-1960's they made waves with the Christmas TV calendar show, "How to Raise Your Parents". Flemming Quist Møller also created a number of animated films for DR TV's youth section, variety section, and culture- and teater section. He has illustrated books and written a number of children's books, among others "Cykelmyggen Egon", "Olga og Kedsomheden", and "Snudens ABC". In 1971 he created the animated classic "Bennys Badekar" with Jannik Hastrup. Since then he has worked with his son Carl Quist Møller, and they have among other things created the successful films about the Jungle Creature Hugo. Flemming Quist Møller has played with Povl Dissing and was one of the founding members of the band Bazaar in 1976. At the time of writing, the band is still active, with Flemming quist Møller now 65 years of age. He was one of the first musicians to introduce oriental and latin rhythms in Danish music. Since 1974 he has written scripts for films and TV drama, among others the titles "Strømer", "Slægten", "En Gang Størmer", and "Sort Høst". His voice is familiar to Danish TV viewers, as it is often heard in TV commercials. As an actor, Flemming Quist Møller appeared in the feature films "Den Forsvundne Fuldmægtig" and "Ta' det som en Mand, Frue". Up through the years he has received a number of awards both at home and abroad. Flemming Quist Møller is married to social worker Anne-Lise Larsen. Flemming Quist Møller has also collaborated with Danish comics' wayward genius, Rune T. Kidde, who wrote a couple of books with congenial illustrations by Quist Møller, "Den Store Bastian" (1992) and "Sørøver Skumskæg and Other Stories" (2004).It is not only a great honor, but also a real pleasure for Comicart.dk to be able to present a gallery of works by this man, who has given us all so much enjoyment - when we were kids, and also now that we are adults!