Beachum, Mark

Mark Beachum is a comic book and multi-media artist known for his highly eroticized renditions of female super heroines such as Flare and Samuree. He first entered the comic field in the early 80's working on such titles as Wonder Woman and New Talent Showcase for DC Comics. In the mid 80's he started working for Marvel Comics on various Spider-Man titles, both as a cover and interior artist. In 1990 he started Aja Blu Comix together with Sandra Chang, self-publishing the four issue split book Achilles Storm/Razmataz. Opposed to and frustrated with his mainstream work for companies like Marvel and DC, Beachum aimed Razmataz towards an adult audience only. Razmataz was collected by Eros Comix in 2001 with additional and revisited content. From 1994 through 1996 the fully painted serialised story Backlash appeared in Penthouse Comix, it ran from issue #4 to #11. In the following years he contributed painted stories to Hustler Comix, Vampirella, Forbidden Zone and again Penthouse Comix. In 1999 the graphic novel Alienzkin appeared in the black and white anthology title Sizzle from NBM Publishing, for which he designed a masthead logo. Mark Beachum combined traditional painting with computer generated 3D elements and photography for the realization of this story. After coming to a settlement for NBM's loss of half of the original art for Alienzkin he moved on looking for a publisher to repackage the recreated material in full color graphic novel format. It was republished in full color by Eros Comix. (Copyright: Wikipedea)