Bundgaard, Peder

The Danish illustrator, painter, and writer Peder bundgaard (born 1945 in Aarup) has garnered much attention in the Danish world of publishing and media in his long career. As an artist, illustrator, writer, and editor, Peder Bundgaard has made a mark for himself as an active member of a generation that also includes the peers Gasolin' and Dan Turell. And the comic artist Claus Deleuran - who drew the protrait of Peder Bundgaard (seen here to the right). Since 1965 Peder Bundgaard has written various articles, features, and essays for magazines, periodicals, and daily newspapers. Plus lectures on music, design, urban history, and more, and he has worked as a freelancer for radio and television. He was the editor of the film magazine "Levende Billeder" 1990-1991. Bundgaard has also authored textbooks and biographies with a focus on music, painting, literature, architecture, and history. In 2004 he turned to fiction. He was also one of the originators of the music encyclopedia "Politikens Rockleksikon" and worked on this book in the period 1974-2004. Concurrent with this, Peder Bundgaard has also worked as a pictorial artist with photography, inks, tempera, acrylics and mixed media as his favorite modes of expression. In the 1970's he became the exclusive designer of Dan Turell's book jackets, thereby introducing a new pop art-inspired look in Danish book design. Bundgaard has also illustrated numerous children's books by writers like Dennis Jürgensen, Peter Gotthardt, and Claes Johansen. As a book illustrator he was the recipient of the prize "Fortællefantprisen" in 2000 and 2004. Peder Bundgaard was also the man who created the now legendary album covers and posters for rock bands like Gasolin', Sort Sol, TV-2, Kashmir, et al. Bundgaard has been instrumental in making album cover design a popular and iconographic artform in and of itself - and he is considered to be a real trendsetter in this genre in the Danish music business. Since 1980 Peder Bundgaard has delivered political satire and editorial cartoons to daily newspapers like Ektra Bladet, Politiken, and Det Fri Aktuelt -and he has made his mark as a regular contributor to the Danish satirical annual "Svikmøllen". He is a member of the union Danske Bladtegnere (since 1991 also a member of the committee), and has had exhibitions in Denmark, most of Europe, and USA and China. In 1990 he was awarded the Cross Prize for satirical cartooning. In 2006 he recieved Svarres legat (Svarres Grant), also for satirical cartooning. Among Peder Bundgaard's many book publications one can name the photography book "City Limits" from 1986, "Næste Stop London" from 1989, "Gasolin'" a biography of a Danish rock band 1993, "Superdan" a bography of Dan Turell 1995, "København - du har alt" a history of Copenhagen 1998, "Sved på Panden" - a wok cook book 2002, "Larsen" a biography of Kim larsen 2002, and the crime novels "Dødsens Stille" 2004 and "Tåge Over Langebro" 2007. Comicart.dk won't pretend we're not immensely proud to be the exclusive dealer of this unique Danish illustrator's original art. Here we reveal a treasure trove of drawings, paintings, and illustrations, that often tie in with international contemporary history and pop culture.