Bingham, Jerry

The American artist Jerry Bingham (born 1953) works as a painter, illustrator, designer - and on and off as a comic artist. His foundation is the medium of comics, but as mentioned already, he is involved in many other things. In a long career Jerry Bingham has worked for Marvel, DC, First, TSR, Malibu, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, and others. He is perhaps best known for his contributions to "Marvel Team-Up" and for DC the graphic novel "Batman - Son of the Demon", that is a visual treat thanks to Bingham's superior line work. Other titles include "Onyx Overlord", which he drew for Marvel with a script by Moebius and Randy and Jean-marc Lofficier, "Beowulf" (First Comics), and a comic book adaptation of "Alien Nation" (DC). Jerry Bingham's work has been featured in quarterly magazines like Heavy Metal and Omni Magazine. Here at we like to follow the exciting work by this gifted artist. In particular his illustration work, but should we chance upon an original comic page by him, we won't pass it up.