Rebecca Erotic Art

Rebecca is a pseudonym for...? No one - or just a few - really knows who hides behind this artist name. We just know that Rebecca is a talented artist and the person behind long running Eros series "Housewives at play". Naughty entertainment with a welcomes you to the sexiest neighborhood in America. A place where the wives take it upon themselves to satisfy their own lusty desires. A typical Midwestern American neighborhood of the horniest housewives this side of a Nevada bordello. Masterful sex artist Rebecca brings you, the reader, into an underworld of contemporary mainstream America with tongue-in-cheek and brush-in-hand. You're going to wish your neighborhood knew how to have this much fun.Who is Rebecca really? We don't care, as long as she brings us these great Pin-Ups from a world we can only dream of. Executed in fine pencils, ready to frame. Fantasies from a parallel universe. You don't find a lot of art that compares to this. The quality easily wins over the surprisingly low prices.A Few Words From Rebecca:"I think it first started for me when my kids were small. I would take them (one toddeling, the other in stroller) down to the playground in the section where we lived at the time for sun, air, and playtime. The 3 year old would busy herself in the sandbox while the baby and I sat and watched the world go by. That world of course, was filled with what I now like to reffer to as "hot mom's". You've seen them. Pretty young girls ranging in age from 20's to 40's with diaper bag and stroller in tow, having absolutely no idea (or do they?) how sexy and desireable they look. They wear shorts and baggy pull overs, and every time they bend or stoop to check the baby an opportunity is given to peek down her blouse (at full, swollen breasts) or at the curve of her hips and ass. Their hair is perfumed, silky, and the latest magazine style which compliments perfectly her wardrobe from JCPenney. Ahem. Well then. Let's face it though, God definately knew what He was doing when he made women. Any woman who won't admit she admires (or is jealous of) how pretty her neighbor/teacher/sister/hairdresser/etc is is just not being honest. I love girls, and I love drawing them. I love depicting them in all sorts of ways that (most likely) would never happen, except in my neighborhood (the one in my mind). I can (and do) have a sex fantasy everywhere from the grocery store, bank, walking in the park, or the fitting room in Kohl's. I spend most of my days horny and wet. If my children only knew what their mom does at home all day..teeheehee. Kisses to you all, my wonderful fans..."Rebecca