The Belgian artist Morris (1923-2001) will always be remembered for his humorous cowboy album series Lucky Luke. One of the greatest and longest running European comics ever.Morris started his career in 1945 in Le Moustique. Later he met colleagues Jijé, Franquin and Will. These four artists would be called "The Gang of 4", because they all worked in Jijé's studio. The first episode of Lucky Luke, 'Arizona 1880', was published in L'Almanach Spirou 1947. In 1949 Morris and his friends went to the USA, where Morris later met author René Goscinny. In 1955, Morris returned to Europe, and René Goscinny took over the stories in Lucky Luke. Goscinny wrote over 35 stories, and after his death in 1977, Morris continued the series - working with writers like Bob de Groot, Fauche, Léturgie and Vidal. recognizes Lucky Luke as one of the best humourous European comics ever. We will constantly be looking for material by Morris for this gallery, thour original art is rare and expensive.