Auclair, Claude

Claude Auclair was born 1943 in France and sadly died of cancer in 1990. Fortunately Auclair used his short life to create some of the finest French comic stories of the 1970's and 1980's.As a young man Auclair followed courses in Fine Arts in Nantes. Afterwards, he became a theatre decorator. He got involved with comics through Robert Roquemartine, the founder of Futuropolis. In the late 1960s, he began illustrating science-fiction periodicals. He was pushed by his fellow artists Moebius and Philippe Druillet to join Pilote magazine in 1970. There, he drew several short stories, and later the 'Jason Muller' series.Auclair began his best and most famous series, 'Simon du Fleuve', in Tintin. A post-apocalyptic saga which ran until 1978 and had a brief reappearance in 1988, when Auclair took on a second cycle until 1989. Claude Auclair joined magazine À Suivre in 1978 and began producing humanistic stories about Negro slavery ('Le Sang Flamboyant') and Breton history ('Bran Ruz') will be looking for work by this great French artist.