Lepage, Emmanuel

The Breton artist Emmanuel Lepage is one of the finest in a new generation of French comic artists, earning himself honour with books like "La Terre Sans Mal" and "Muchacho. His coulored pages and his pencil work is truly amazing and admirable.Emmanuel Lepage learned his profession from Jean-Claude Fournier. His first illustrations were made for French magazines, and in 1983 he published the story "La Fin du Monde aura-t-elle Lieu?". He later founded the fanzine Volapuk and proceeded to work for magazines Tintin Reporter and Circus. He published "Les Aventures de Kelvinn" in 1987. In 1990 he did a comics adaption of Huguette Carrière's great novel "L'Envoyé", and for publisher Glenat he created his breakthrough album "La Terre Sans Mal" with Anne Sibran in 1999. This album has earned him several awards. Lepage recently (2004) started a new album series, "Muchacho".Comicart.dk considers Emmauel Lepage to be one of the finest new European artists - and we are proud to present hos work in this small - growing? - gallery.