Hermann (Huppen)

Hermann Huppen (born in Belgium 1938) is one of the world's most productive artists. And a master of the European comic art. He started drawing in 1963 thanks to his brother-in-law who worked for the Spirou magazine. He was later discovered by Greg from Tintin magazine, and in 1966 they started "Bernard Prince" and later the western series "Comanche" in 1969. Hermann also worked with Vernal on "Jugurth", but only for a couple of albums.In the 1970's Hermann and Greg split after a succesfull partnership, and Hermann started writing his own stories, scenario and drawing. He created "Jeremiah" in 1977, to be published first in Métal Hurlant and later in the magazine "Super As". In 1983 Hermann started a new album series about the Middle Age, "Les tours de Bois Maury". During the years Hermann has changed his drawing technique from the original black and white - and started working in colour, using a mix of pencils and watercolurs to an amazing effect. Hermann is one of the best realistic artists in the histori of European comics.Original art by Hermann is rare and expensive. However, Hermann has over the years produced a large number of inexpensive signed prints to meet the demand from his fans.