Henrik Rehr - 9-11 New York 2001

Henrik Rehr was born on October 28th, 1964 in Odense. He developed into one of the most solid craftsmen of the Danish comic book industry. In the last few years, he gained a lot of attention with his autobiographical accounts of the 9-11 terror attack on New York City. Henrik Rehr's first attempts as a cartoonist could be seen in Seriemagasinet and the anthology Danske Tegneserier. Later, he and Morten Hesseldahl took the initiative to open the studio Den Blå Bil in Odense. Rehr created Julius, a fairy tale strip for children, in cooperation with Hesseldahl, and Kvikleif, a similar strip in the same charming style, this time on his own. Drømmen om Langskibene, a third publication, took its inspiration from Danish medieval history. In 1989, Rehr was offered the job of continuing the classic newspaperstrip Ferd'nand, when Al Plastino, who had taken the strip over from its original creator, MIK, retired. 1990 saw the publication of the historical strip Danmark Besat, in which Rehr, cooperating with Hesseldahl and Niels Roland, offered a view of Denmark during the German occupation of World War II. Rehr inked and colored the five books of the series. Henrik Rehr moved to Toronto, Canada in the mid-nineties and later to New York City, where he was an eyewitness to the 9-11 terror attack on the World Trade Center. He subsequently published the two internationally acclaimed graphic novels Tirsdag (Tuesday) and Tribeca Sunset about the event. Comicart.dk is proud to present a selection of pages from these two books