Vicar, a pseudonym for Victor Arriagada Rios (born April 16, 1934 in Santiago, Chile), is a cartoonist and creator of Disney comics.Carl Barks once called Vicar the best of the modern Disney illustrators, even better than Barks himself. While studying art and theatre, Vicar started his illustrating career with political caricature drawings. Vicar moved to Spain in 1960, doing various illustrating works, and entered the comics field in 1966. Five years later, he started to draw Disney comics for the Danish publisher Gutenberghus (now Egmont). He moved back to Chile in 1975. Vicar's position in the Disney comic field grew with the years, and soon he had a studio, with several artists and inkers working for him. However, he has only written one of his stories himself, A Lucky Duck from 1997. Vicar and his crew produce up to 200 pages a is proud to present a selction of great Disney art at resonable prices.