Bech, Sussi

The leading Danish female comic artist Sussi Bech was born in 1958 in Birkerød. Especially with the comic about the exploits of the Cretan princess Nofret in ancient Egypt, Sussi Bech has garnered much acclaim - not just in Denmark, but also abroad. Sussi Bech has won a number of awards and belongs to the absolute elite of Danish comic artists who have broken internationally. At the age of 24, Sussi Bech graduated from Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen, which at that time was called Skolen for Brugskunst. At that time she was already well into her first graphic novel, which was about the Arab girl Zainab. The story was taken from "Arabian Nights", but peppered with Sussi's own ideas and a thorough research on the Baghdad of the 9th century, its clothes and buildings. This resulted in a solid and entertaining debut that was first serialized in the Sunday edition of Berlingske Tidende, and in 1985 it was published as a graphic novel by Interpresse. The first print run of 10,000 sold out in less than three weeks, and an additional 5,000 was immediately ordered from the printer's. Since 1986 Sussi Bech has concentrated on the comics about ancient Egypt, in which she has guided the reader around the Mediterranean countries of ancient times with the Cretan princess Nofret as witness to the political and social issues of the day. Soon Nofret was also published in France, Belgium, Holland, and Indonesia, and album 10, "Kiya", was published in English and sold online. The tales of Nofret have been serialized in a number of Danish newspapers, such as Berlingske Tidende and Ekstra Bladet. considers Sussi Bech to be a personal friend of our gallery. Her contribution to the Danish comic tradition is deeply personal and of a very high standard. We are truly proud and pleased to bid Sussi Bech welcome to her own gallery.