Corben, Richard

Richard Corben (born November 1, 1940) is an American comic book artist best known for his illustrated fantasy stories in Heavy Metal magazine.He was born on a farm in Anderson, Missouri. He studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, graduating in 1965. After a short stint as a professional illustrator, Corben started doing underground comics in 1970, when he started illustrating horror comics for Warren Publishing. In 1975, when Moebius, Druillet, and Dionnet started publishing Métal Hurlant in France, Corben started submitting stories to them. He continued his work for the franchise in America, where the magazine was called Heavy Metal. Among the stories drawn for Heavy Metal was one of his most famous, Den, a fantasy series about the adventures of a young underweight nerd who travels to the other world of Neverwhere, a universe taking inspirational nods from Robert E. Howard's Cimmeria and H.P. Lovecraft's horror dimensions. There, the boy becomes an enormously endowed (and always naked) muscleman who has erotic adventures in a world of outrageous dangers, hideous monsters and buxom naked women who lustfully throw themselves at him. This story was adapted in a highly abridged form in the animated film, Heavy Metal, where Den was voiced by John Candy. will be looking for quality art by Corben. Sellers - don't hesitate to contact us.(Copyright: Wikipedia)