How to order

This is how you order at

Find the item you want to buy.

Press the symbol and add the item to your shopping Basket.

Continue shopping, if you want to buy multiple items.

If you regret during shopping, you can always go to the shopping Basket and make changes, delete items and so on. Please use "Refresh Basket" to see new content and update prices in Basket after changes.

Go to "Check Out".

Decide how to pay and shipping method. We are a new shop, so please send us an e-mail about shipping and payment options, and we'll mail you more detailed information and prices. Your choices are not final - we'll discuss that through e-mail.

Type the required personal information to complete shopping and orderering. Press "Continue".

Confirm order.

Your order is only completed after pressing "Accept". If you leave without doing so, your order is not completed and we will not be able to send you the items in Basket.

The system will immediately send a confirmation of your order and an order number - to the e-mail adress you have typed.